Blog integration of Twitter starred items

Dave Winer has been asking in Twitter for a way to incorporate specific twitters/tweets in to his blog over at My suggestion is to use the starred items feature (Favorites) on Twitter.

I too would like to integrate Twitter more selectively in to my blog. Twitter’s API, under “Favorite Methods” allows you to set specific tweets to be starred, or favorites.

If you want to want to have a set of targeted tweets which you’ll highlight in your blog, star your own tweets and pull the feed (here’s their RESTful documentation for how to do that):


Returns the 20 most recent favorite statuses for the authenticating user or user specified by the ID parameter in the requested format.


Formats: xml, json, rss, atom


  • id. Optional. The ID or screen name of the user for whom to request a list of favorite statuses. Ex: or
  • page. Optional. Retrieves the 20 next most recent favorite statuses. Ex:

In other words, with the above documentation, you would just pull the RSS feed for your favorites and have it rendered on your blog. This method works best for me since it allows after-the-fact selection, addition, and removal.

22 February, 2008