An unusable iPad

I was at Best Buy today for an iPad case. Another iPad owner was doing the same. He had waited in line and eagerly bought one on April 3rd like the rest of us. But he hadn’t used his yet. He couldn’t. His MacBook was 10.4 (Tiger) and couldn’t run the required version of iTunes for the iPad.

See, you can’t unlock and begin using an iPad until you’ve sync’d with iTunes (I mentioned this disappointment and warning in my first impressions). It is a brick until that moment.

He was picking up a copy of Snow Leopard, hoping to upgrade… And found out he couldn’t upgrade his non-Intel MacBook to 10.6. Ultimately in order to use the new iPad, that poor dude will need a new laptop. That was one pissed off customer.

This is my only significant gripe with the iPad. Not really because of it pissing off a bunch of people and requiring computer/software upgrades – admittedly this ends up being a non-issue to most buyers. It’s simply a pet peeve of mine. Good hardware and software should be usable from the get-go.

The iPad is easily capable of standing on its own out of the box. Instead it was packaged up and launched in an unusable state.

Note: This is really my only significant gripe about the iPad at this point.

05 April, 2010