It’s faster to drive this week

Taking the train beats driving, hands down in this city. The price is about the same even with $2 gas, but travel time is shorter and hands are free to write code and read.

This week, the week between Christmas and New Years, I’m back to driving. Traffic is nearly non-existant so one can blaze in to the city. It’s the only week in Philly where this is the case.

Being a Good Landlord – Gave Movies

Be Thankful

I rent out a few apartments in Philadelphia. Each year around the holidays I try and do something to show appreciation to the tenants. They could have selected other properties, but they chose mine. They have treated the apartments with respect and have made them good homes. I am grateful.

This year I went to the movie theater and picked up tickets. It’s a simple gesture. A way to say thanks. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

You don’t want Twitter to be profitible

Have you really thought about this? You don’t really want Twitter to make money. Debate on this usually makes me cringe because arguments typically stem from fandom without thought for what happens later.

If you’re a diehard fan of the Twitter service, rooting for their profitibility is counter-productive. You should realize a move towards real revenue is going to affect the Twitter experience, and almost certainly in a negative way.

Or at least in a way that will affect Twitter’s value to you.

Personally, as someone in technology and media, I want @biz to bring in the green and prove web companies can rake in cash. But I understand that when this happens, the value proposition of Twitter for my needs will negatively change.

The Senior Struggle – PCA – volunteer this season

The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging has an ad in Philly’s subway worth passing on…

The Senior Struggle
A little bit of you can pull them through the winter.
Pay a visit, run an errand, lend a hand. Your support means everything.

Call 215-765-9040 or visit for ideas and resources. You can do a lot of good.

How much is that digital picture frame going to cost your family?

Answer: 0.0032 cents per hour x 24 hours x 365 days = $28.03 per year

It’s Christmas shopping season and I hope you’re not planning on giving a digital picture frame. Besides being the scorn of Adam Frucci (of Gizmodo) by buying a tasteless, tacky, gadget, these things really suck.

And while I’d never thumb my nose at an LCD panel, these suck a trickle of juice equal to a 40W light bulb, twenty-four hours per day. Depending on the cost of your electricity, that’s close to 1/3 of a cent per hour. How much does this cost your friends or family? About $28.03 per year.

$0.0032 x 24 hours = $0.0768 per day

$0.0768 x 365 days = $28.03 per year

If there really were 20,000,000 sold in 2008, that’s $560,640,000 dollars in electricity per year added to the American budget.

Think of these numbers the next time you see one of these suckers…