Libby in Dash – Carputing before the Carputer

Libby in dash 11On January 10th, 2003, a buddy and I tore in to the dash of my car to create a mini-monster. This was before the Carputer got popular and just about the time of GPS acceptance. Direct link to the Flickr set here or check ’em out after the jump.

(Tech specs… 2001 Suburu Impreza 2.5RS, Toshiba Libretto 110CT – Win2k Advanced Server).

First pull the dash console.
Libby in dash 02

Snip the heating/cooling ducts.
Libby in dash 03

Next yank the stereo.
Libby in dash 04

Installed a serial cable to hook up a Garmin GPS.
Libby in dash 05

Route the power cable through the dash.
Libby in dash 06

Close-up of the cable and snipped ducts.
Libby in dash 07

Install a sliding shelf so the UMPC slides cleanly.
Libby in dash 08

This was hard to take – pics from behind the laptop from inside the dash are tough.
Libby in dash 09

All done. Here’s Delorme Street Atlas 6 working with the GPS.
Libby in dash 10

Another glamour shot, this time with a parking ticket in view.
Libby in dash 11

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