How the Olympics are good for the world – 10 reasons


I was first disappointed, and then offended, when Cameron Reilly blasted the Olympics as a waste of coverage. If one is talking about the sports, sure, the amount of coverage is total overkill. How often do you usually watch ping-pong or weight lifting? No offense to paddle swingers and dudes who could crumple me like a sheet of paper, but hundreds of video streams on this would be a waste of my time.

But the point is not sports (for those of you offended by sports). There is a huge value to the Olympics, especially in regards to the real troubles the world faces. The athletes are ambassadors for the common man. These people, without realizing it, are going to a common location and meeting with other fellow competitors while the world watches. In households around the world, people watch as their country competes.

Politicians should learn from the spirit of the Olympics. We can all get along.

And so this has a chance at getting Dugg, here’s an off-the-top-of-my-head list of 10 reasons why the Olympics are still great for the world.

  1. Every country comes together and meets, mostly at an equal level.
  2. In most cases people are rooting for their country, not individual athletes.
  3. Coverage on other countries educates citizens about foreign cultures.
  4. China is growing as a superpower. The world needs to see a lot more of this.
  5. Pollution in Beijing is horrible, but the country has taken action to clean it up and it’s somewhat effective. The world needs to see this.
  6. Chinese human rights policies are under close scrutiny. The press coverage helps.
  7. The USA may dominate, but it doesn’t win everything. Americans need to remember we can lose and can do so gracefully.
  8. Small countries may be out of the medals race, but they win where they’re strong. Those citizens learn to win.
  9. Athletes from each nation will go home and talk about the other competitors. Their people will listen.
  10. The world is focusing on something positive for two weeks. Much of the negativity in the news is silenced by loud cheering.

9 thoughts on “How the Olympics are good for the world – 10 reasons

  1. I agree with your article. I like to see competition, and the idea that there is a clearcut winner and loser while at the same time acknowledging that these are world-class athletes and still valuable no matter where they finish. The world becomes a smaller place when the citizens, as opposed to the governments, get together. I'm sure that the government of any country doesn't fully fall in line with its citizens' belief systems.

  2. Lolqueen12345678

    I love the olympics it is a good sport and people like to see it and it inspire people to do sports and train for things

  3. Sorry guys but this is a waste of resources and the list you provided does everything to substantiate my position. For the hundreds of billions spent in these games we can educate, feed and build proper facilities all over the world to bring young people and cultures together and the structures we build can be permanent and benefit a number of countries for a long time. The Olympics are too expensive for poor countries like Greece or Brazil, the infrastructure that is built for the Olympics is mostly not needed in the country and, in some cases, must be demolished or be an eye-sore. I mean, who needs a water-polo stadium in their city? Or an Olympic village? Or the losses that invariably result from the games? I think we can plan a much better way of spending the Olympics money and refocus the world into more productive means. How about a SCIENCE-LYMPICS so that we can enhance our BRAINS in this world instead of having a bunch of highly compensated jocks running around?

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