NIB – Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade

2008-11-19 09:24:14 -05002008-11-19 09:27:03 -0500

Mike, our IT coordinator dropped this on my desk this morning. It’s still shrinkwrapped. 1991. We have a USB 3.5″ drive, but unfortunately we don’t have an earlier version to get this installed. Would Boot Camp support it?

Amongst the highlights:

  • Online Help from the shell or command-line interface…” – Online help has come a long way.
  • Undelete utility helps you recover critical files…” – Control+Z and “Undo” were born.
  • Unformat utility…” – What?
  • MS-DOS QBasic replaces GW-BASIC…” – Many a coder’s first language.
  • “… freeing up at least 45K more conventional memory…”
  • “Is network ready” – Remember “net use“?
  • Although we test with a wide variety of system manufacturers, it is your responsibility to confirm with your personal computer manufacturer that this product correctly supports your computer and peripheral devices.” – So, ummm, is it REST or SOAP?

Click through on the images to Flickr – the pics are high enough resolution to read the full the text.

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