Prediction: Apple breaks 10% marketshare in January 2009

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Apple’s OS X operating system base grew by 0.66% between October and November to 8.87%. If they simply maintained the prior month’s pace, they will reach 9.5% in December and 10.1% in January (assuming a continued consumption of 0.6% from other operating systems per month).

Vista being a monstrous failure is only helping, and XP is nearly a decade old. It seems almost difficult for Apple’s marketshare not to jump beyond double digits.

Take a look at Piper Jaffray’s 12 unanswered questions to see how their Q3 and Q4 sales turned out. The new MacBook and MacBook Pro have been great successes. Apple also plans to open 20-30 new stores in FY09.

UPDATE: Remember too that 10% may not seem like a lot for the operating system, but 10% of the hardware sold is absolutely huge.

Check after January to see if I’m right…

6 thoughts on “Prediction: Apple breaks 10% marketshare in January 2009

  1. Enjoy the small rise in market s hare while it lasts! once the fanboy fads wear out people will realize they overpaid for both hardware and software quality. It would be funny to watch apple crawl in pain as being a target for hackers if it's market share ever did get high.

  2. One sided opinion, and I respectfully disagree. I've personally been
    watching companies move their IT infrastructure to Apple and OS X w/
    VMware specifically because it provides a better value proposition
    over PCs. Comparisons of same spec hardware between Apple and Dell
    shows a better value (I'm thinking of the Mac Pro) and can dual or
    triple boot.

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