Flying Cars and Creative Commons

I came across this fun post on CNET News because my photos on Flickr are licensed Creative Commons Attribution and the page came up in a Google Search on my name. Chris Matyszczyk wrote an article on why people are the gating factor to the release of a decent flying car (or any flying car for that matter). It’s a fun read, more on a fear of road-rage-in-the-sky than anything else, but successfully points out one of the reasons we don’t have flying cars.

Flying Car

I love to read anything on aviation, and am in agreement with Chris that most of human-kind isn’t capable of flying. That’s why we have flight schools and a vast amount of training, and why there are ~400,000 pilots out of the entire United States. In order to have flying cars, we can’t have human control.

When I think flying car, I think robotically controlled aerial taxi cab.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is Create Commons and offering to share one’s work. I use plain Attribution because I want people to use my content. I don’t care how. Trackbacks and notification of use isn’t ubiquitous or standardized, so planting one’s name makes it easy to see where things are used.

And again, I don’t care where or how my stuff is used, I just want to be able to find the fun stuff that builds upon it. I came across Chris’s post through a Google Alert on my name. There wasn’t a trackback. If there hadn’t been attribution, I wouldn’t have known and wouldn’t have read his post.

Maybe we’ll get to a trackback standard for content usage. It’ll probably get here around the time we have those flying cars.

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