Philly Geek Dinner is Wednesday Night (September 3rd, 7pm)

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I finally went for a bike ride to see Privé in person. What I found was better than imagined, even after reading Michael Klein’s enticing description and having high expectations.

During my drop-in visit I met Kevin Landon, who abandoned a staff meeting to give me a tour (the video below doesn’t do the restaurant any justice, the place is fabulous). From talking with Kevin I learned Privé opened only two weeks ago and has been doing wonderful.

We’ll be one of the first groups there, and probably the first blog-heavy group. He showed me around and I got to see the impeccable cut white stone walls, attractive furniture, sleek lines and spotlit mural. He promises the food to be as good or better than the looks.

And he’s probably right. They’ve hired the young Peter Karapanagiotis, 23, who performed as saute-saucier at Buddakan as well as Brasserie Perrier. It’s going to be a real treat to experience his work while he’s fresh and the restaurant is brand-spankin’-new.

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Audiobooks for the courageous

I wrote a quick note a few days ago about Roz Savage and her efforts to cross the Pacific Ocean on a row boat (she’s doing quite well and just wrote her day 39 entry). It’s an extremely cool adventure.

Since then I’ve been catching the daily entry on the blog at  Something pretty cool has surfaced in her writing, at least to me… Audiobooks! She’s got an iPod with 300+ audiobooks and has been commenting on them along the way (check out day 38, day 19, day 9, day 4, etc).

She’s generating podcasts with Leo Laporte as well.