How To Write Your First Book

Good points by Gary North on how to market yourself as an author and the basic steps of getting your first book in to print:

Book publishing is getting expensive. Profits are way down. Readership is declining for printed books.

Ebooks, yes. POD books, yes. But books published by a profit-seeking publisher are limited to low-risk authors. High-return authors are best.

If you have something to say, blog it. After a few years of blogging, write your first book. You will have an audience.

If your blog does not attract an audience, neither will your book. Publishers know this.

Bottom line: Start a blog and prove you can attract an audience… If you’ve got traffic, you are infinitely more likely to get your book published.

Gary’s full post is, So, You Want to Write Your First Book. Here Is How to Do It.

Change Makers: John Ingram (PW)

Just read Change Makers: John Ingram, a highlight in the latest issue of Publishers Weekly. If you follow the publishing industry or digital media, it’s a good read.

“Content is going to continue to be consumed in digital and physical format, and if you don’t somehow add value to the equation, in terms of creating the content or getting it to people that want it, it doesn’t matter whether you’re big or small, you’re not going to be around.”  -John Ingram

Thanks @rickj for passing it along.