How-to: Post Flickr images with iPhone WordPress app



For WordPress bloggers with iPhones, the iPhone WordPress application is close to the best gift since receiving a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas in 1983. The application is solid, allows tags and categories, posts pictures direct from the phone, etc. Awesome!

But what if you want to post pics from your Flickr stream? What if you’re shooting with another camera and want to post high quality photos not taken with the iPhone crackerjack cam? Here’s the instructions, including detailed pictures, on how I get photos from Flickr in to an iPhone WordPress blog post:Continue Reading

iPhone WordPress

The new WordPress iPhone app is quite nice. Very clean integration. Seamless, but support for post plugins like Flickr images seem to be a problem.

It’s a great new world when we can blog and participate, without limitation, from a pocketable handset.

The pic is a snap of my N82 here at a diner over lunch.