How-to: Post Flickr images with iPhone WordPress app



For WordPress bloggers with iPhones, the iPhone WordPress application is close to the best gift since receiving a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas in 1983. The application is solid, allows tags and categories, posts pictures direct from the phone, etc. Awesome!

But what if you want to post pics from your Flickr stream? What if you’re shooting with another camera and want to post high quality photos not taken with the iPhone crackerjack cam? Here’s the instructions, including detailed pictures, on how I get photos from Flickr in to an iPhone WordPress blog post:Continue Reading

iofy digital audiobook platform acquired by Ingram Digital

“Ingram Digital, an Ingram Content company focused on solutions for digital content management, hosting, distribution and promotion, today announced it has acquired the iofy digital audiobook platform from Audiofy Corporation.”

It’s official. As described in the press release, the iofy digital audiobook platform is now part of Ingram Digital. I’m happy about this move. This is the iofy development team I lead and I’m confident our acquisition will bring incredible value and additional ingenuity. We’ll now be building something amazing, which iofy wouldn’t have had the resources for on its own.

Other than some title changes, the team and focus are unchanged. Cartwright Reed, iofy’s President, is now in the role of Vice President of Product Development at Ingram Digital. My team is continuing the charge to build the best audiobook platform available (look for continued web service goodness).

The culture at both companies is driven by growth, creativity, and building solutions. I’ve had only positive experiences working with the folks at Ingram. They’re great people, and we’re looking forward to being part of an Ingram company.

The night before the Broad Street 10-miler – thumbs and feet ready

Hand Painted Twitter Shirt

After a few months of preparing for the Broad Street 10-miler, it’s now the night before and pre-race excitement is setting in. iofy‘s new office in the Navy Yard of Philadelphia is a block away from the finish line, so this will be a pretty nice way to finish a race. There are showers and refreshments in the building… Life will be good.

The race starts at 8:30am EDT. For the first time while running a race I’ll be Twittering. This is partially because I want to try it as a social experiment, and partly because I’ve been sick and not training for the last week (read: I’d like an excuse to run slightly slower than usual).

If you see someone blow by you, with the above on the back of his shirt, send a text message to 40404 with “follow sol”…


  • iPhone
  • Nike+iPod Nano

Software & Services:

  • Twitter
  • TwitPic (Send a pic to twitpic and have it announced on Twitter)
  • Flickr (Get the photostream here)
  • MobileTwitter (stable jailbroken iPhone Twitter client)
  • Twinkle (jailbroken iPhone geolocation + Twitter)
  • Snapture (jailbroken iPhone replacement)

Good luck and see you at the finish line!

Back in my routine – daily running, RSS+flow, and dev

Latest run results… Almost to my goal of < 7:00 pace…

Today is special… It marks the first day of getting back in to my preferred routine. Here it is:

  • Get up early and hit a good run.
  • Read RSS (and now some flow) over breakfast.
  • Drive to the office (while continuing to read RSS).
  • Have a productive day of dev.
  • Get home and enjoy some afternoon/evening time with family.
  • Read more, code more, free time before bed…

For the last few months my routine has been thrashed. Very productive, but insane…

  • Wake up just in time leave for the office.
  • Have a productive day of dev.
  • Get home and follow up with emails and later dev projects.
  • Do demolition/remodeling/construction with my wife.
  • Fall in to bed, catch 15 minutes of news.

The latter routine has accomplished a remodeled home, most recently the bathroom, but hasn’t allowed for much mental expansion or physical fitness.

A spontanious and unsolicited positive review

A YouTube video spread like wildfire around the iofy office today…

At a startup you look forward to the day when people recognize your product and respond with positive words. At iofy we’ve received many many positive letters, thank you notes and feedback, but this is the first video we’ve found reviewing our audiobook chip product. It was entirely unsolicited.