Back to running – Nike+ to track progress

After a long time off I’m finally back to running. My wife gave me a Nike+ at Christmas and it’s been gathering dust for the most part.

Why? We’ve been remodeling and we’re finally wrapping things up (photo stream on Flickr). I can feel the all-our-spare-time-sucked-out-of-us-and-put-in-to-construction-duties coming back like the warmth of Spring. Now there will be time for visiting family, coding, and running.

I’ll be adding a static about page to and a Nike+ badge will be a small part of it. The Philadelphia Broad Street 10-miler is coming up in May and I’ve got to get back in runners shape. One huge advantage of working at iofy is our office is right at the finish line. It’s going to be a great, great run!

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