Mac OS X Operating System Market Share Bumping 10 percent (9.93%)

Since December I thought it was pretty clear OS X would own 10 percent of the operating system market share by the end of January. So yesterday, in Chinatown browsing my iPhone and trying jellyfish tendrils for the first time, I opened and discovered OS X was within 0.07% of the mark.

Much like the tendrals, this was slightly dissappointing since I’d wanted to see double digits. The other interesting numbers…

  • Mac up 9.63% to 9.93%
  • iPhone almost half a percent, up 0.44% to 0.48%
  • Linux down 0.85% to 0.83%, probably since there wasn’t much Linux activity over the holidays.
  • Windows down 88.68% to 88.26% (though Windows 7 betas are picking up)