Vacationing at Lake Ariel

Back Deck

View from the back deck

My wife and I are off for a few days at Lake Ariel in PA for some R&R. Water skiing and much needed chill time with great friends are the only things on the agenda. The pic is the view from the back deck.

The Effect of Charging for Checked Bags

I’m sitting on Continental 1049 SFO to EWR, a full flight, and finding the overhead compartments are already packed while only half the people are on here.

This wasn’t the case before the airlines began charging extra for checked bags. Many people are carrying 2 of more bags as carry-on. The effect of the minor charge addition is obvious.

Happy 4th of July! Here’s what to do in Philadelphia today

I’m not in Philadelphia this weekend – got out of town! For those in the area and enjoying the city, here’s some links on how to take part in the biggest Independence Day celebration in America.

none The Schuylkill River, looking south toward the skyline of Philadelphia, through which the river flows.

You read that right. Philadelphia has the biggest Independence Day celebration. It is the birthplace and we’ve got Independence Hall. Fireworks are launched behind the Philadelphia Art Museum over the Schuylkill River.

The front entrance and steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

This year the concert on the Ben Franklin Parkway, at the base of the Art Museum steps, is headlined by five time Grammy winner, John Legend.

– Best links to help you today –

America’s Birthday – Sunoco’s sponsor page

GoPhila – Best resource, especially for fireworks and evening concert details

Philly dot com – Events Schedule for 4th of July

City Search – Additional resource with links to restaurants and shops


Heading to Montana

Galina and I are heading to Bozeman, Montana for a family reunion in a couple days. Family will be flying in from all over the place… Some from Florida, a large portion from California (my home state), and obviously some in Montana.

Should be a gorgeous locale for the 4th of July weekend!