Twitter Mainstream WalMart/Coke Commercial

It took Walmart 2 1/2 weeks to publish their co-created Coke commercial on YouTube (originally aired before the previews before The Quantum of Solace). I’d been looking for it online since catching it before QoS on opening night. Oddly enough, nobody cam’d it or ripped it for upload on any major sites. Enjoy!

“… my MySpace friends and Twitter list…” (0:32) is a double-take moment for those of us who got in on Twitter when it was only used by the geek crowd. Twitter mentioned in a mainstream ad!? S’wut?

Figured it had to be expensive product placement, so asked Biz Stone:

@biz Did Twitter pay for placement in the new Coke pre-movie ad? 10:21 AM Nov 18th

And received:

@sol no, it just showed up which is totally cool 10:41 AM Nov 18th

Side note: Walmart has plenty of room for improvement in their online and social media presence. They could have auctioned that product placement off for some decent VC supplied money and should be getting their videos out to many many many more services more quickly…

Nokia N82 Bites the Dust – Cell Phone Snuff Film


It’s a blast to ride a long board or motorboard to the office and around Philly. Sometimes you bail. If you’re always recording video, sometimes you bail while recording the whole thing… Stuff happens.

Nokia makes freakishly strong phones. Despite a slam and slide down a sidewalk with 160 pounds on it, the N82 still works.

Listen for the death scream at the end where my foot comes down hard on top of the phone and slides it down the sidewalk like a bar of Ivory.

Read on to see videos and pics of the aftermath…
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Visiting National Mechanics – Geek Dinner, August 5th

If you haven’t been to National Mechanics, you need to go. In fact, you should go this Thursday at 7:00pm so you can join the Philadelphia Geek Dinner first meetup (RSVP on Upcoming). I got to spend some time hanging with Jason, an owner of the place, and I’m stoked this is the kick-off location.

For starters, Jason isn’t a restaurateur by trade. He’s a developer and entrepreneur who has helped build WebLinc. While you’re here you’re right under a star Philadelphia company.

When I dropped by, Philadelphia’s Fox News was filming a 1-year follow-up to National Mechanics winning the “Trendiest Bar” award.