Colgan 3407 – Air Traffic Control audio and details

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Photo by iamtimmo

Last night my friend Marc dropped me an email with the pilot’s and ATC’s view of 3407, including the MP3 archive of the fateful flight. Here’s his email:

If you’re interested – Callsign – Colgan 3407

Approach plate KBUF ILS 23:
Clarance Center, NY would be slightly SW of the TRAVA intersection.

A little after 12:00 – cleared to 2300ft, for intersecting the glideslope.
Little after 15:00 – cleared for ILS, 3 N of KLUMP.
Little after 16:00 – handed off to KBUF tower.
17:21 – first sign of uh oh

20:30 – When they are pretty sure somethings wrong
24:00 – Notification to aircraft of a plane down

It was interesting to get this in email first and see/hear the information before getting any other news (I’ve still only briefly scanned the CNN article).


UPDATE: Colgan Air has a link about flight 3407

Devices on the Train, Amazon, Kindle, iPhone, BlackBerry

Since switching to taking the train to work three months ago, I’ve been watching what devices people are using for news and media consumption. If you ride the train or find yourself in a public place, do yourself a favor and look around. It’s fascinating.

Newspapers aren’t dead here, but they’re definitely in decline. A check around me in this car has 8 people out of 120 reading a paper. Physical book reading is also down compared to my train rides three years ago.

Instead of books and newspapers I see iPhones and BlackBerry’s. There are tons of these devices, almost literally. But in three months I am yet to see a single Kindle.

Every seat one passes walking in or out has an occupant or two swishing their fingers across a touchscreen or wildly flailing thumbs on a keypad. Most people are reading on these devices, browsing web sites, consuming words.

Yesterday’s news about Kindle book downloads being 10% of amazon’s sales isn’t as surprising when looking at people’s device use, and is kind of a foreshadowing of what’s to come… If Kindle downloads were 10% of Amazon’s consumed books and the Kindle is <1% of the portable device market, what happens when iPhones, iPods, Sony eReader, and other media consumption devices cleanly support book and newspaper content?