Back in my routine – daily running, RSS+flow, and dev

Latest run results… Almost to my goal of < 7:00 pace…

Today is special… It marks the first day of getting back in to my preferred routine. Here it is:

  • Get up early and hit a good run.
  • Read RSS (and now some flow) over breakfast.
  • Drive to the office (while continuing to read RSS).
  • Have a productive day of dev.
  • Get home and enjoy some afternoon/evening time with family.
  • Read more, code more, free time before bed…

For the last few months my routine has been thrashed. Very productive, but insane…

  • Wake up just in time leave for the office.
  • Have a productive day of dev.
  • Get home and follow up with emails and later dev projects.
  • Do demolition/remodeling/construction with my wife.
  • Fall in to bed, catch 15 minutes of news.

The latter routine has accomplished a remodeled home, most recently the bathroom, but hasn’t allowed for much mental expansion or physical fitness.

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