Vacationing at Lake Ariel

Back Deck

View from the back deck

My wife and I are off for a few days at Lake Ariel in PA for some R&R. Water skiing and much needed chill time with great friends are the only things on the agenda. The pic is the view from the back deck.

Verizon’s App Store Envy

Verizon Truck

Verizon is planning to launch its own app store. Their latest radio ad describes “…hundreds of apps … Twitter…” They have a developer conference later this month, too.

Obviously building an app store seems like a good idea to any cellular service or handset maker. They’ve got app store envy. Apple has had a huge success. But it takes an entire distribution pipeline, from developer to device, to be a success.

I’m entirely stoked that app distribution is a focus now. Having the public excited about buying apps is about the best thing the developer community could ask for. I just don’t believe Verizon will get this right.

iPhone Tethering, Best Tether Ever

The tethering experience on the iPhone 3G S with iPhone 3.0 OS is slick. Engadget’s how-to can get you up and running. After that, Internet access is attained in 1 step: Plug iPhone in to USB. Nothing more. That’s it. Plug it in and the tether initiates as seamlessly as plugging in a USB ethernet adapter.


Alternatively bluetooth can be used, but incurs the bluetooth bottleneck penalty like other mobile phone tethers. USB allows the full 3G. I’m also partial to leaving bluetooth and wi-fi off to conserve battery life.

So basically you plug in USB and immediately the network connection becomes active. Dead simple. No configuration and no dead phone battery.

Change Makers: John Ingram (PW)

Just read Change Makers: John Ingram, a highlight in the latest issue of Publishers Weekly. If you follow the publishing industry or digital media, it’s a good read.

“Content is going to continue to be consumed in digital and physical format, and if you don’t somehow add value to the equation, in terms of creating the content or getting it to people that want it, it doesn’t matter whether you’re big or small, you’re not going to be around.”  -John Ingram

Thanks @rickj for passing it along.